VSE SERVICE SRL is a service company founded in 2019. It’s goal is to offer the experience gained by the owner over the last 10 years in technical consulting and marketing activities in the areas listed below, trying to meet the customer's requirements paying the utmost attention to quality and environment:
• Marketing of inert material of various types and nature
• Trade in products intended for use in agriculture
• Trade and brokering of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, waste and scrap iron and steel products
• Waste brokering: category 8
• S.O.A. Intermediaries (Animal by-products - categories 1-2-3)


We're able to propose various and effective solutions to the customer according to their needs by going directly on site for an inspection. The company is made up of specialised, qualified and individually trained personnel, each one in their own sector and interest who go directly on site in order to carefully understand the customer’s needs. At each inspection, our technician will relate to your employee in charge to draw up the customer's data sheet together and, if necessary, some photos will be attached. Afterwards, the detailed offer will be sent to the customer as soon as possible and compatibly with the type of request submitted to us.


Our safety officer (RSPP) constantly checks on a monthly basis to make sure that our internal and external employees are always in compliance with regulatory requirements, such as DURC, general and specific training courses and mandatory updates, licences for operating machines and forklifts, vehicle overhaul, etc. All documentation is recorded and archived for a period of 10 years.


The collaborations established with our partners for transport and operating machines were first checked and carefully chosen paying the utmost attention to the staff in charge and require a high standard. For this same reason, we have chosen to use the latest generation vehicles in order to reduce any risks in terms of traffic and safety and bring maximum respect for the environment by minimizing emissions into the atmosphere.

We believe in innovation and in building a future of ideas, research and technology.
We work on sustainability, committed to minimizing environmental impact, and aspire to giving future generations a better tomorrow.
We create participation, putting people at the centre and valuing listening, collaboration and sharing all the experiences that make us grow.
We aim for excellence every day, using our skills with commitment and determination to guarantee the highest quality standards on the services offered.